Laser Navigation

With laser measurement and odometry the AGV finds its way. Onboard laser scanners detects the position of reflectors or only on contours in the form of walls in the facility. The reflectors are usually mounted on walls, pillars, fixed machines and equipment in the proximity of the vehicle driveway. The laser navigation enables free range navigation i.e. physical floor reference points, wires, dots, or postion-IDs are not required.

The reflector map of the entire route layout is stored in a Master controller located in a stationary PC. If you decide to extend your production line to a geographicallly different location perhaps to a separate building within the present compound, you are able to do it in the same AGV system. Also, you can easily extend the present layout with a new layout configuration, new AGVs or other equipments. The master system is fully extensible.

Automated guided vehicle