Automated Guided Vehicle

AGV stands for Automated Guided Vehicle. It is a vehicle that can operate on its own without a driver. Our AGV systems are flexible and can easily be adapted and expanded with time.

The AGVs work in shifts 24/7 with high accuracy and precision. Safety is of utmost importance and the AGVs are designed to be able to work side-by-side with people. Our self-steering vehicles may also take away dangerous work tasks that are carried out by manual forklifts. In this way, our AGVs may reduce your operational costs, increase efficiency of your processes and increase workplace safety. Please contact us if you want to know more about how our AGVs can benefit your operations.


Our AGVs are fully automatic, accurate and safe. The AGVs usually handle the load with forks or as a carrier. Depending on the purpose, the AGVs can come in different sizes and shapes. Some also have special adaptions or configurations. Nonetheless, there are a set of basic features which most of our vehicles have.

The most common navigation system for AGVs is laser guidance. This requires a navigation unit which is often placed high up on the AGV so that it can send out laser beams which hit reflectors mounted on the walls of the facility. Other navigation systems such as following a track in the floor may be used, but this option is much less flexible than laser navigation.

All our AGV also have different types of scanners. Safety scanners help detect whether the AGV comes too close to a person, and if so it will stop until the person moves out of the way.

With the help of a scanner the AGV can also scan the load so that the control system MAX can tell the AGV when and where the load should be transported. An encoder helps the AGV to know at which height it places the load.

Some other standard features are an emergency stop button and an operators panel with a diagnostic display.

With the help of a radio the AGVs can communicate with each other and the MAX control system. When running out of energy, the AGV travels to a load station where its battery is recharged.

Automated guided vehicles

Automated guided vehicles
Automated guided vehicle


Max is the AGV control system that we use. With the help of a radio the AGVs and Max communicate with each other.

Max help the AGVs to keep track of each other and to assign the AGVs with new work tasks. It makes sure that the loads are transported to the correct destination, at the right time and in the most efficient way.

Max runs on a modern client server Windows environment and utilises Microsoft products. It is user friendly and easy to configure. Also, it provides great possiblities for further expansions and modifications.

Max can be used as a warehouse management system on its own, or to communicate with already existing management system.

Max can communicate with operators via e-mail, text messages, Windows gadgets and Apps.

Automated guided vehicles