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Atab is reseller of Haake Safety Products in Sweden. Haake and Atab share a mutual understanding that safety comes first. We know that accidents easily happen and it is important to have effective systems for preventing them. On Atab’s AGVs you will find several Haake Safety Edges which make our AGVs stop at contact or when pushed.

We sell Haake Safety Bumpers (HSB), Haake Safety Mats (HSM), Haake Safety Edges (HSC) and Trapped-key Interlock Sytems (HST). If you would like a price offer or simply want to know more about Haake Safety Products please contact:

E-mail: order@atab.se
Direct: 031-3401350

Haake Safety Edges

Safety Edges are used as a protection where there are risks for crushing or shearing. When the Safety Edge is pressed the machine or AGV stops. Some situations where safety edges can be applied include machines, lifting tables, theatre stages or in any other area which may bear a risk for personal injury.

safety edge
safety edge

Haake Safety Bumpers

Bumpers have similar applications as the safety edges but may particularly be used when the stopping distance for an application is longer. Since it is made out of foam rubber it is soft at impact and quickly restores it shape. Applications include, machines, hangar doors, theatre stages etc.

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Haake Safety Mats

Around any area where people may come close to an area where they can be injured by e.g. a machine, Safety Mats can effectively be used. The Safety Mat can be put close to a dangerous machine and when stepping on the mat the power to the machine breaks and it stops. It may also be efficiently used where there is a risk for a person to fall into a machine that is working. Applications include machine centres, robot cells, high shelf warehouses etc.

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Trapped-Key Interlocking Systems

This may look like a regular lock but it is much more than that.

Watch videos and learn more.

This is a mechanical lock and key systems which ensure that a machine cannot be switched on until all persons holding a key have come back to a safe zone and put their key back in the right lock. Only one key fits in the right lock so there is no way to bypass the defined lock sequence. It keeps machines off and safety doors locked into everyone is back and safe from e.g. a maintenance work on a dangerous machine.

trapped key

trapped key