Over the years we have made installations of AGV systems to a broad range of industries and sectors. To the left you find a sample of some sectors we deliver to. We strive to offer our customers AGV systems which are flexible, efficient and safe.

Optimization of the AGV system is very important. Factors such as number of vehicles, speed and work schedule are carfully considered in the planning process.


An AGVs system is an excellent solution for distribution centres and warehouses. The AGVs can operate 24/7, reduces delivery waiting times and ensures a constant supply of materials delivered to your processes.

With an accuracy of +/-3 mm and an optimized workflow, your materials are delivered in the right place at the right time and in good condition.

We offer a complete Warehouse Management System or configuration to existing business systems. Our system can also communicate with cranes, shuttles, i/o signals, PLCs and more.


Within the automotive industry AGV solutions are becoming very common. This is an industry which we deliver AGV systems to quite frequently.

Over the years we have developed AGVs suitable for different work tasks.

Our larger CX models can be built specifically for the automotive industry. We can make marriage point AGVs and AGVs which can transport complete and finished cars. This is a mobile work station in an assembly line.

We have also delivered a number of engine assembly AGVs throughout the years. On this model the engine block is mounted on the AGV and materials on the trays are manually mounted to the engine block. Many of our forklift and carrier AGVs can also be used for transportation of goods and components in production areas.


The Pharmaceutical Industry puts high demands on quality. Atab has a vast experience of working in this field and have done many Pharmaceutical installations for many multinational companies.

These include transport from/to production, to the packaging and dispatch areas, work-stations, feeders, receivers, tumblers and washing machines etc.

We know that the AGVs might have to work under strict and sterile environments. Together with our customer we are strictly follow the GAMP guidelines to make sure we are supplying the very best guarantee in all components of the AGV system.


Many of our AGV models can be applied in the Food & Beverage sector and they are great for transport of e.g. cans, bottles, kegs. Any material placed in boxes or on pallets can also be easily transported. The soft start and stop of our AGVs make the load safe and secure during transport.

The FX05 model here to the right is specifically designed to transport racks of fluids resting on its forks. In comparison, our CX30 model below transport soda on a double set of rollers.

The FX10 is also great within this sector since it is specifically designed for pallet and box transport. Both food and beverages can be placed in and on these.

Below you find a video of our AGV transporting containers of milk.


Our AGVs are excellent workers in the Paper & Printing industry. We know that all too often manual trucks can damage the edges of paper reels by which some layers of the reels need to be taken away. The accuracy of MAXAGV avoids this issue.

With MAXAGV you can save costs of caused of damages done to your paper products by manual trucks. Our AGV models vary in size and shape since paper and printing products also vary in their properties.


We do not limit ourselves to a certain industry or model type. Although we have a standard product range this does not mean that our designs have to exactly follow this path.

We can make minor adaptions such as an adjustable telescopic lifting mast or AGVs that are designed to carry a specific type of pallet or rack.

Sometimes we will develop new to the world designs. This could include AGVs that need to endure certain environments, such as temperatures above and below normal, or AGVs that should be able to carry a specific type of product.