Automated Guided Vehicles are our expertise

We design and manufacture Automated Guided Vehicle for different types of material transports, making your processes more flexible, efficient and safe.

Atab has been making automated guided vehicles for over 30 years. An AGV is a vehicle which transports materials automatically as it needs no driver. Please contact us for more information on automated guided vehicles and what type of solutions we can offer your particular operations.

In our product range we have forklift, carrier and assembly AGVs. We can also make special AGV designs which are adapted to our customer’s requirments and needs. Atab’s AGVs are delivered worldwide and to many types of industries. Our AGVs are sold under the brand MAXAGV.

Automated guided vehicles

Paper & Printing

Food & Beverages

Distribution & Warehouse



Other applications

Our FX10 model

Our CX01 model

Our CX15 model

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